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Chemical Peels

What are Chemical Peels?

Chemical Peels is a form of deeply exfoliating several layers of your skin to improve fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scars and skin texture.Chemical peels work with the help of acids within the peel that raise the acidity of the skin forming and creating a normal irritation to peel layers of your skin.

Where can chemical peels be applied ?

Chemical peels can be applied to all parts of the body that need assistance.


A chemical peel is usually a very safe procedure when performed by a qualified and experienced medical provider.

Typically 7 days after the skin has completed its exfoliation process and new skin starts forming.

Chemical peels cause patients minimal pain. While you may experience a slight tingling, tightness, or a change in the temperature of your skin.

Patients will be assessed during consultation to determine the amount of treatments needed for any specific skin condition. For best results more than one treatment is usually needed.

Do not exfoliate at least one week before your peel, that includes daily use of products that may have an exfoliating effect. Keep away from the sun as much as you can. Avoid any hair removal techniques.

After a chemical peel of any depth, your skin will be red, tight, irritated or swollen. Follow our directions for sun protection, cleansing, moisturizing and applying protective ointments to your skin. And avoid picking, rubbing or scratching your skin.


A chemical peel can lead to a bacterial, fungal or viral infection, such as a flare-up of the herpes.