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What is the process of a cauterization?

Cauterization is a medical term describing the burning of the body to remove or close a part of it. It uses a high-frequency current to destroy and remove skin growths.The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, stitches or dressings are not necessary.

What does the procedure treat?

The procedure is often used to treat common warts, papillary bumps, skin tags, sovereign keratoses, and skin growths in any area of the body.


Relieves pain and cosmetics enhancement.

The following risks are well known, but there may also be risks not included in this list that are unforeseen-seen by your doctors: 

  • There will be scarring
  • You may develop a new abnormal response to skin healing and get larger scars than usual (keloids and hypertrophic scars) 
  • There may be infection and bleeding 
  • Pain may be associated with this procedure and the healing process

The doctor will inject some local anesthetic into the area surrounding the lesion to be treated. This will make the skin go numb so no pain should be felt during the procedure. You may feel a pushing sensation but this should not be painful.

  • After wetting pat dry- do not rub 
  • As prescribed by provider use the antibiotic ointment 
  • Do not go swimming until the area has healed