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Acne Treatment

What causes Acne?

Often the walls of a clogged pore can become damaged. If this occurs the bacteria and dead skin cells work their way under live skin cells. This results in an infection that is evident by the development of pimples with redness. The deeper the clogged pore the worse the infection becomes.

For your body to properly mature it needs to release certain chemicals (hormones) at certain times in your life. These hormones often referred to as sex hormones (testosterone, androgen and DHEAS) often cause your sebaceous grands to enlarge, resulting in the over production of sebum. This process usually begins at puberty.


Combining medical and aesthetics procedures, we clean the pore deeply with advanced technology that involves chemical exfoliation, deep extraction technology to decongest pores. We also treat with plasma to stimulate texture, scarring, and redness. Medically  combining topical and oral antibiotics depending on the patient’s age and skin problem.

Results vary from patient to patient and depend upon what treatment is recommended. Usually results are noticed after the second or third treatment.

The effectiveness varies from patient to patient but generally results are long lasting. In some cases patients will be required to undergo an occasional follow up treatment once or twice a year. Acne is not a disease, it’s a skin condition that requires regular maintenance to maintain control. (Maintain medical).